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Cybersecurity Measures for your Small Business


We've seen quite a transformation over the past year.  While working remotely has been increasing over the past 10 years, this year dropped the hammer and took it to "11".  Now we are seeing offices reopen in varying degrees, the new challenge will be to remain secure in a "Hybrid" working environment. Here are a few ways we are making sure clients remain protected no matter where they are

1) Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) - think of this as vaccinating the laptop to limit the exposure it will have on the network

2) End User Training - We have been working with firms for years to educate end users on the perils of Links and Attachments that come from unknown (and even sometimes known) users.  Continuing this training with users to ensure they are vigilant and on guard to these attacks is key.  

3) Communication strategies - While last month's Microsoft Exchange Vulnerability effected only a small percentage of firms, it reinforced the need to be nimble and ready to react when a situation arises.  A key component to this is a defined communication strategy in case of a threat.  This communication strategy should be laid and out, planned and tested as part of your Written Information Security Plan (WISP)

We are looking forward to seeing everyone soon! With some of these steps above and keeping a knowledgeable eye out for threats, we can come together safely and effectively in the months to come.