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Managed Help Desk Services: A Smarter Way to Do IT

Managed Help Desk Services: A Smarter Way to Do IT

When your staff calls the internal help desk for technical support, what response do they get? Do they get an immediate resolution? Is the response quick and personalized? Or, is your busy office manager hitting the pause button as they wait in queue while other requests get addressed? Perhaps it’s time for managed help desk services.

As you likely know, when your client, patient, or customer runs into an issue or needs IT assistance, the response they get can have a major impact on the outlook of your entire organization. What does good service look like to today’s consumers?

  • 33 percent of consumers say it has to do with resolving an issue in a single interaction
  • 31 percent report that it comes down to getting help from a knowledgeable representative
  • 21 percent share that they are more satisfied when they do not have to repeat information over and over

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But as a busy professional working with a small team or managing things yourself, addressing these help desk issues for clients and employees likely adds to a long list of to-dos—and if this is the case, your organization’s help desk support may not always happen as effectively or efficiently as you or your clients might wish.

In this case, managed help desk services are a smart strategy to support the needs of your team and your clients, manage your time, and even move your IT operations and your entire business forward. Here’s how.

What Are Managed Help Desk Services?

Managed IT services are there to act as part of your internal team; they’re designed to lighten the load of your team and level up the quality of your work in several ways—but what about managed help desk services? Managed help desk services have the same intention—these services are designed to eliminate valuable but time-consuming work from your docket, act as an extension of your team, and empower you to focus your efforts on your core business objectives. 

Without managed IT help desk services, it’s likely that you dedicate a great deal of time, money, and resources to supporting the IT needs of your users. A managed help desk assumes the responsibility of customer support so your IT team can move forward with everything else.

What This Means

When you outsource your help desk, not only does it free up your team to tackle other tasks, but it also means you have the best experts on the job to offer IT solutions, apply different technologies, and give support to your clients, customers, and patients. 

Think of it this way: Today’s current IT climate is all about innovation. After all:

  • 70 percent of companies are actively adopting cloud, hybrid, or multi-cloud technologies.
  • By 2024, over half of digital user interactions will be driven by new technologies like AI-driven speech and computer algorithms.
  • The compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of low-code development platforms is estimated to be around 30 percent through 2030 to help organizations adopt new technologies faster and easier than ever.

But when you spend all of your effort on help desk tickets, there’s no time for this kind of innovation—you only have the resources to fix the status quo. What we’re seeing now is that IT is moving away from simply maintaining current operations. Instead, IT is quickly becoming an indispensable player in crafting new strategies to advance what’s possible. When you outsource your help desk and service desk, your organization can dedicate more time and resources to digital transformation—which means better service for your clients, more efficient operations for your team, and expanded capabilities for everyone.

IT Help Desk Services: How Christo IT Can Lend a Hand 

The Christo IT team has spent years serving the Greater Philadelphia region’s leading professionals working in highly specialized fields like healthcare, legal firms, financial services, and certified public accountants. In that time, we’ve honed our managed IT help desk services to best support these fields. For professionals in these billable industries, we know that every minute counts, which is why our help desk is designed with speed and efficiency in mind.

What You Get

At Christo IT, our help desk services are managed solely by Level II engineers. Whatever the issue is, we’ve got it covered. This means fast, positive results, with no need to escalate tickets to a more experienced engineer because we are the more experienced engineer. This typically means a quick resolution time of under 2 hours; it also means happier clients. 

When your client calls your help desk—managed by Christo IT—they don’t get a phone menu. They also don’t just leave a message with someone responsible for relaying the information to an IT staffer. Instead, they get a direct line to the Level II engineer who will handle your request—which is why 95 percent of the problems we field are fixed in mere minutes. 
Your time is valuable, and your work is essential. We understand this urgency. Downtime means money lost for you, which is why we are always easily accessible via phone or email. 
The Level II engineers that man Christo IT's help desk have an average tenure of more than 3 years. For you, this translates into simple resolutions; we can often solve issues right over the phone. And when a problem involves going out to the office, the same engineer that handled the call is the person who shows up on-site. There's no frustrating repeating or stressful re-explaining the problem to different team members—only effective solutions.

Make the Most of Each Interaction 

Managed IT services are for your team—they’re a smart way to strengthen your cybersecurity strategy and elevate your digital operations. Managed help desk services are for your clients—they address problems quickly to support longtime customer loyalty, and they’re a wise investment in your business’s future. With our help, every help desk ticket and every customer interaction becomes an opportunity to show your clients and customers how much you care.

Discover how we can revolutionize the way your clients get help. Put them in touch with an expert in record time. Contact us today to learn more. 


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