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5 Ways To Protect Your Small Business From Hackers

5 Ways To Protect Your Small Business From Hackers

Small businesses are some of the most targeted victims of cybersecurity attacks. In fact, 43% of all cyber-attacks are targeted toward small businesses. Hackers target small businesses in particular because they are more vulnerable than larger businesses and organizations. 

Since small businesses don’t have the resources to recover from a successful cyber attack, any attack from a hacker can be fatal. Nearly 60% of all small businesses close within 6 months of a cyber attack, so it’s vital for businesses to take protective measures. Below are some of the best ways a small business can protect its network from bad actors.


A firewall is one of the best ways to prevent cyberattacks on your network. A firewall serves as the first line of defense for your business and prevents unauthorized access to your networks. A firewall allows you to monitor the traffic coming in and out of your network. You can use this to improve filters and prevent future attacks on your network. 

Update networks and devices

A significant reason why many small businesses get compromised is that they run on old networks and devices. The older the network or device is, the larger the risk of being compromised. Newer updates patch vulnerabilities in previous versions of networks and devices, and it’s extremely important for small businesses to use these updates. This is an easy and free way to improve your cybersecurity right now. 

Use a spam filter

Using a spam filter can be a cost-effective way to prevent most cyberattacks. Many cyberattacks occur when an employee opens a malicious email or attachment, giving a hacker access to a business’ network. Even the best employees are prone to human error; using a spam filter can be a great way to mitigate cybersecurity risks and prevent spam from even reaching your employees. 

Backing up networks and devices

In the case of a successful cyberattack, having a backup of your network and devices is crucial to getting back to business. Unfortunately, many businesses do not have a backup of any network or device. This leads to the permanent loss of data when their systems are compromised. Make sure to routinely back up your business’ data to mitigate the damage of a successful cyberattack.

Work with a managed service provider

Many small businesses lack the technical expertise needed to prevent cyber attacks. A cost-effective option to protect your network is to work with a managed service provider. A managed service provider is a company that can monitor and protect your IT infrastructure and network. This gives you access to an IT team’s expertise without the cost of hiring one full-time. Managed service providers are well-equipped to deal with any network security issues, and they can monitor your network 24/7. 

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