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What is EDR security?

What is EDR security?

EDR security refers to how businesses manage their endpoint security and response. Endpoint security and response allow businesses to identify the threats posed to their business and respond proactively. EDR security is a cost-effective cybersecurity solution for most businesses because it’s affordable and it provides visibility and several layers of protection. With many enterprises embracing remote work, enterprise networks, and systems, endpoint security has become one of the most significant cybersecurity issues for companies. 

Who needs EDR security?

Small businesses: Small businesses are the primary targets for hackers because they know most small businesses have little to no cybersecurity. With EDR security, small businesses can protect their devices and networks affordably.

Companies with remote workers: The amount of endpoints increases dramatically the more remote workers a company has. Hackers can gain access to a company from laptops, smartphones, tablets, and more. EDR security ensures all of these endpoints are secure for companies with remote workers.

Businesses with sensitive data: Companies in the healthcare, law, and financial services niches are some of the largest targets for hackers. A successful breach into one of these companies can mean that a hacker can gain access to thousands of names, addresses, social security numbers, credit card numbers, and more. EDR security can give companies in these industries extensive cybersecurity detection and response capabilities. 

Benefits of EDR security

Securing your endpoints brings several major benefits for your business. Some of the best benefits of having EDR security include:

Visibility: The first benefit of having EDR security is that you gain visibility into your endpoints and threats to your business. The vast majority of businesses are unaware of the threats posed to their business. EDR security provides businesses with complete visibility and enables businesses to be proactive and avoid common cyber attacks. 

Threat hunting: In addition to visibility, EDR security allows businesses to hunt the cyber threats that their business may be vulnerable to. With an EDR security solution, a business can see its endpoint statuses and what threats it is most susceptible to. This allows the business to be proactive and deal with threats prior to reaching the business. 

Rapid investigations: When any endpoint or system in your business is compromised, you’ll be notified immediately and can launch quick investigations to see the root cause of a cybersecurity threat. Whether it’s phishing, malware, ransomware, or any other cyberattack, you can find the threat immediately and minimize the impact of the attack.

Restoration: When a business’ systems or endpoints are compromised, this generally means that the business’ operations are halted until the cybersecurity threat is addressed. In many cases, especially for small businesses, a successful cybersecurity attack means the closure of a business. With EDR security, the software can be deployed immediately to contain the cyberattack and restore the operations of a business. Since the attacks are identified early on, they are generally stopped before they reach business-critical systems. 

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