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Microsoft Teams the new VOIP Solution for your Company



In the last year, we’ve all had to adapt to a new normal in all aspects of our lives. We from one day to the next we had to turn our homes into offices and schools. While it’s not been easy we all have learned new skills that we never knew we had. Companies had to quickly adapt to what a remote staff looked like, some have made a permanent move to remove work while others are starting to slowly return to the office.For those who going to continue working remotely, their companies are now exploring solutions to make their employees more productive by providing them with all the tools they were accustomed to in the office.

A VOIP solution allows for employees to stop using their personal devices for work calls and allows for a more dividing line between home and work. Anticipating this Microsoft has introduced a new addition to its Teams software that could be the solution that some are searching for. Teams VOIP has become a rock-solid offering that you should consider for your team, no pun intended. 


Microsoft Teams is quickly becoming the easier, cheaper VOIP system because if you are already using Teams you just have to turn it on. You may already be using Teams in your firm for internal company communication, collaboration, or even internal conferencing, but by simply turning on a Domestic Calling Package you get an external phone number, menu/phone tree, and much more. The addition of Teams VOIP is approximately $20/user/month. 

Some of you will say, "I need an ACTUAL phone" - Well they have those too. Polycom, Yealink, and others have released traditional-looking desktop handsets that integrate with your Teams VOIP to complete the at the office feel. Coupled with the Teams app on your mobile phone, you can be truly reachable anywhere.  

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