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Unlock the Secrets to Small Business IT Support Costs

Christo IT Unlock the Secrets to Small Business IT Support Costs

Small businesses have been an essential part of the U.S. economy–and the economy here in the greater Philadelphia area–from the very beginning. Today, with the exponential growth of digital transformation, these businesses operate very differently than they did even a few short years ago, and it can be a challenge to keep up. This has many proprietors looking at the small business IT support cost. Is it worth it?

Currently, small businesses are using more technology than ever:

  • 93 percent of small businesses use at least one technology platform to power their operations, and the average business leverages three different platforms.

  • 94 percent of small business owners state that technology has made their operations more efficient.

  • 87 percent of small business owners share that technology helped their organization survive–and even grow–during challenging times. 

Small business owners are waking up to the benefits that tech-based platforms can provide, especially considering that 84 percent of small businesses that utilize 6 or more technology solutions experienced growth in sales since 2020, while their peers that were slower to adopt new technologies did not see this same kind of growth.

Managing all of these solutions to foster growth, along with monitoring the IT infrastructure and strengthening cybersecurity strategies can be a lot for small businesses that have limited resources or may not have the IT staff to take on these tasks. That’s why some organizations are seeking the help of an IT service. Here’s a look at the real costs associated with small business IT support.

Small Business IT Support Cost and Considerations: How You Pay

If you’re looking for the right IT service provider for your business, it’s important to know that there are three main service models, each one very different in their approach and how they assist with your IT operations. Some IT providers may offer a blend of the three services, while others adhere to one type of service plan. These service models offer different kinds of support–and different ways to pay.

Time and Materials Services

Time and materials services, sometimes also called “break-fix” services, are charged at an hourly rate. These providers send a technician to address an issue when you request help or when something goes awry. These kinds of services are pretty straightforward, and may include resolving certain problems within your infrastructure or taking the lead on a large project–they’ll do things like:

  • Remove a virus

  • Upgrade your computer network

  • Incorporate new systems into your IT infrastructure

Many providers that charge via a time and materials model will charge a high hourly rate that may run as high as a couple hundred dollars, perhaps offering a small discount if you purchase a block of hours in advance. When working with a time-and-materials type service, you should be clear about your expectations for the project, the workflow, costs, security, and access authorizations. Additionally, you will want to be specific about a fixed budget and time frame for the work.

Managed IT Services

With this model, your IT service provider takes on the role of your internal IT department; they become part of your team. They can complete tasks like installing new systems, maintaining your hardware, and addressing any issues that pop up, but in addition to this sort of work, they can also provide:

  • Remote and on-site support

  • Antivirus and security maintenance

  • Routine backup of data

  • Hosting services

  • Monitoring the health, speed, performance, and security of your IT infrastructure

Generally, the cost of a managed IT service provider is based on a monthly fee. This fee is based on your unique needs--the number of devices you have (servers, desktop computers, and mobile devices alike), and the expanse of your network infrastructure. 

When it comes to IT support costs, pricing models can often be confusing and overwhelming. The traditional approach of pricing per device or server can quickly become complicated and result in unexpected costs. This is especially true in today's world of cloud-based infrastructure, where the number of devices and servers can easily fluctuate.

At Christo IT, we believe in providing a simple and transparent pricing structure for small businesses. Our flat-rate model is based on the number of people supported within your firm, ensuring that you only pay for the IT support you actually need. This eliminates the guesswork and complexity associated with per-device or per-server pricing.

Software Vendor-Supplied IT Services

A portion of small business IT support cost totals may include fees from software vendors and providers. Some software companies provide IT support for their customers–this typically takes the form of an additional fee for help desk or remote support services. However, it’s important to keep in mind that these services are limited in capacity; they only offer support for their specific application, not your entire network, other applications, or your devices.

Any issue that’s not related to their software is outside the scope of their expertise. In these situations, they will likely refer you to consult with your internal IT team. Most of the time, this level of service is not enough support to keep businesses in operation.

The Major Benefits of Outsourced Small Business IT Support: What You Get

One thing to keep in mind when evaluating different IT services is not simply the cost of the services, but what you get in return. As evidenced by the different types of services available, not all IT providers offer the same level of support–and the right IT service may offer a whole range of services that elevate your entire operation.  

While on paper, many small businesses may be looking for ways to keep expenses down and opt to take on their IT needs on their own. While large corporations often have the resources to hire a whole team of IT experts, not every small business can say the same. But that doesn’t mean that small businesses can operate without having some kind of IT support–they still need someone to take on the task of managing their IT infrastructure. 

Conserve Resources

Outsourced IT support can be a far more cost-effective–and often, more affordable–option to hiring a full-time IT person. These outsourced services can function as part of your in-house team, tackling anything an in-house IT team can do, and then some. It ends up being a cost-effective solution because small businesses get enterprise-level support at a much more affordable price.

Make the Most of Your IT

Especially with managed IT services, small businesses gain a whole host of benefits that make smart financial sense including:

A managed IT service provider can test, consolidate, and fortify your security strategy and find new ways to make the most of your IT so your organization can achieve its business goals, maximizing the investment of your IT spending.

Reduce the Risk of a Disaster or Damaging Cyber Attack

Although many small businesses don’t share the same recognition as larger organizations, they do not always have the same robust security systems in place to ward off bad actors. This makes small businesses an attractive target for phishing scams, malware, and ransomware attacks. What’s more, modern attacks have evolved so they are virtually undetectable to the untrained eye, and can be present for months before being discovered–and many small businesses lack the level of expertise needed to prevent a cyber attack.

One small business IT support cost to factor in is the significant savings you’ll get. An IT support service will work to prevent cyber attacks and mitigate the fallout after a disaster. They will help create a network security strategy and disaster plan to protect your business from hackers and disasters and limit your risk. You’ll save on sizable recovery costs, the price of repairing a damaged reputation, and the lost sales that can happen after an attack or outage. 

Christo IT: Leaders in Small Business IT Support

The right IT support service–at the right price–can make all the difference for your small business. When you get the technical support your business needs to secure and manage your assets and achieve your objectives price point that makes sense, your IT can truly work for you. 

At Christo IT, we are dedicated to providing expertise, accountability, and personalized service at a scale that works for you. We focus solely on small business IT services here in the greater Philadelphia area, which means we know all the intricacies that go into providing this kind of support.

World-class IT support should be accessible to every business at every level. We’ll become an integral part of your business’s everyday operations, providing support in times of crisis and guidance in times of growth. As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, powered by a team of Level II or higher engineers, we’ll deliver exceptional results–at a scalable cost tailored to you.

Ready to learn more about the cost of small business IT support? Discover our in-depth pricing guide to IT support for small businesses here.


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